The music in our lives

We love music as a family. We are not professional musicians and we are not fans of any particular pop group or style of music. We are simply part of the general public and we enjoy music like any ordinary person but perhaps a little bit more. Music accompanies our family life through special seasons and times of the day.

The children wake up to music. In particular, “Awake my soul” by Chris Tomlin.



We do housework to housework music. The children get to choose the music when they are the supervisor. It just has to be Christian music although recently we broke the rule and allowed them to play “Star Wars”.

My own favourite is “Louder” by Matt Redman.



We listen to special music during special occasions.

During the CNY, we listen to CNY songs. Here’s one of our favourites. I have always been puzzled by this song – why it was written in the minor key. I learned the reason why from this blog post. I appreciate the song even more now.



During National Day, we listen to a series of National Day songs.

Here’s one which I like, because when Elkan was 9, he could sing the entire song without looking at the lyrics. He sang it during his CCA and earned a point for his group. The funniest thing was, he told us, that he was playing the music in his head, so would pause in between his singing, waiting for the interlude to end. His teacher thought that he forgot the lyrics and asked him whether he needed the lyrics. But no, he knew them all.

The reason he knew the lyrics was because that was the theme song for that year and while he was still being cared for by my mum, he watched lots of TV and the song was playing so often, that he just learned it by exposure… oh well… I stopped work the next year to look after the children myself.

Haha, that was a joke. I did not do it because of this 🙂



During Christmas, we listen to Christmas songs! This is a song which we all love – “Mary did you know?”



A special note of thanks to all the musicians who produced the music on this page. It is never easy producing good music. I know because I used to learn the piano and my children are receiving training in music too. Thank you for enhancing our lives with your beautiful art!

This blog post used links from youtube, but we have a legal copy of every piece of music which I have shared here (except the NDP song (which we downloaded from the NDP website some years back) and Matt Redman’s Louder (Not yet! And we have his other CDs!!))

[After note : We have bought a copy “Unbroken Praise”! We also bought an additional copy to give to a friend.]

Support good music, do not get pirated CDs, because musicians deserve their wages and they need to feed their families too.

Lastly, here’s a little advertisement, which Elias insisted that I include.


Use the following link to place your orders:

If you do support it, let me know! That will score me some points with my son. 🙂

May music enhance your family life too!

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  • Hey Elisa, great lines abut importance of music in our life. You know actually for me music is the pain killer. whenever I feel stressed or tensed I always put on music and hear some slow lines. Apart from this, I appreciate your writing skills, you really write good.. keep it up

    with regards,

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