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Hasbro Playdoh Plus

Big things are taking shape in 2013 for the PLAY-DOH brand from Hasbro, Inc. Creativity is about to be taken to the next level as the PLAY-DOH brand introduces a new compound: PLAY-DOH PLUS, a soft and fluffy compound that allows for a new level of creative detail in PLAY-DOH play.

Playdoh Plus 8-packs

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro, Singapore

Samuel got the chance to play with the new Playdoh Frosting Fun Bakery set, which features Playdoh’s new product – Playdoh-Plus!

Samuel with Bakery set

He was so excited, he could hardly wait!

Samuel loves playing cooking and baking, so this playset was perfect for him.

Making cup cakes & cookies

Of course the most fun part
was pressing on the pump and the cookie cutter.
Unfortunately, the pump was not tall enough
for us to make a lovely nice cupcake.
We were told we had to remove it and do the frosting manually.
Anyhow, the cookie-cutter was fine.
And we did manage to place a little sugar flower on the cookie 🙂

Featuring patent pending technology for a softer, smoother texture, the new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound allows artists to “plus up” an original PLAY-DOH creation into a realistic-looking masterpiece.  Its softer, fluffier texture is perfect for adding dollops of frosting or detailed decorations on Play-Doh cakes, cookies & cupcakes, or to add details like ruffles and ribbons onto a PLAY-DOH dress! On shelves now, the exciting new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound is sold both by the packs and included in many of the 2013 PLAY-DOH playsets throughout the year. Look for the purple can!

Here are the other products in the series!


Photo Courtesy of Hasbro, Singapore


Ice cream parlour

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro, Singapore


Ice cream Sundae Cart

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro, Singapore

“Our new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound is a game change. Never before have PLAY-DOH artists been able to achieve the level of detail now possible using PLAY-DOH PLUS,” said Jerry Perez, Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader. “Creating with PLAY-DOH compound is a childhood rite of passage and remains a favorite activity with artists of all ages, we are thrilled that the brand continues to find new ways to excite our fans.”

Fans can share their passion, talent, and tips with the PLAY-DOH online community.  Join the PLAY-DOH brand at Facebook.com/PlayDoh, Twitter.com/PlayDoh, and Pinterest.com/PlayDoh to follow, connect, and share.


Thank you, Hasbro for this plate of Playdoh pastries!

* Disclosure: The Playdoh Frosting Fun Bakery set was sponsored by Hasbro. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


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  • Hi, whre i can find play doh perfect twist ice cream set??

    I looking for it sooo long.. But cant find at kids store.. Any recommend?

    • Hi, it was just launched in June. Perhaps you would like to try again – Hasbro says it’s available in Toys ‘R’ Us.

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