We give them ourselves We give them each other We give them roots We give them wings

We give them ourselves

We became a family because we were in love. But as the children came, it became easier to love them, than to love each other. There is nothing more secure for a child, than for him to have parents who love one another. Till death do us part, for better or for worse. Everyday, we are learning how to love each other again.

We give them each other

They have their good days and they have their bad days. We teach them, that they are each other’s best friends. Unlike the unconditional love they receive from us, they have to earn each other’s respect, and they do. They have learnt to live with each other – have fun, fight, patch up and play together again. We are proud of them.

We give them roots

My child first came to the world, with my blood in his. He may leave us one day, but our genes stay forever in his. He grows up in our world and according to our choices. One day he will choose his own world, and live with his own choices. We give him a past, so he knows, that he is not alone in history. He is part of a narrative from long ago, which has endured till now. He has value. He has great worth.

We give them wings

My child has but one life to live. He wants to be happy, and I want him to live it as a righteous man. Happiness takes hard work, and being righteous even harder work. We give him all that we can, not necessarily everything he needs. For his destiny is beyond us, and he has to find his own ways and his own answers.

Ingrained in each child - in his heart and the depths of his being - is a dream. This dream is that which the child desires to do, for it gives meaning to his life. Walk with us, as we help our children reach their destinies, and discover our own.

08th Dec 2011

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04th Dec 2011

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