My two minute of fame

Woah, guess what, I am actually the “Singaporean of the Day”. Thanks to my litter-picking initiative.

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at PM 03.36.47

Here’s the video.

Actually, honestly, I do not think that what I did was so great. There are other Singaporeans, I am sure, who do much more. I just happen to have started a facebook page (A Litter at a Time), and blogged about it, that’s all.

Whatever it is, I appreciate the team from “Singaporean of the Day” for their hard work and lovely video. Most of all I appreciate the fact that the message resonated with them, and they understood where I was coming from.  The video captured the essence of why I did what I did – I did it for the children – that we will raise a generation of people who would care for the world in which they live.

And of course, I enjoyed seeing my children in it, as a typical parent would 🙂

Thank you Jeff, Jasmine, Hebert and Si Ping for giving me my 2 minutes of fame!

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2 Responses to “My two minute of fame

  • Well done sw. Im proud of you. I shared your video with others. It will Inspire by the parent-child interaction, enhance Singapore’s clean. Praise the Lord!

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